And Just Like That…

My biking season may be over.

I was thinking the circuit race Monday, Interbike Crit, and maybe Harvest Moon.  With Monday out, that means training for three weeks with no racing.  The idea of not racing at Interbike sounds kinda nice for a few reasons:

1) Interbike is really hard.  Trying to find the time to spin the crap out of the legs every day on top of everything else is rough.  Last year I was getting up at 6 every morning to ride for an hour before going to work.  Work generally goes to about 10, as you pretty well have to dinner and schmooze it up every night.  It might be more fun not to be preoccupied with racing.

2) The likelihood of turfing it is pretty good.

On the other hand, I hate watching bike races.

Making Harvest Moon was always going to be  a challenge.  It is the day that I drive the truck home from Interbike after (again) a pretty taxing week.  Max speed ~65.  On the downhills.  It’s probably a seven hour drive in a normal car.

If anyone knows of races that I could realistically make, I am all ears.

On the other hand, if San Pete was it, at least I went out with a bang~!

EDIT: Just in case anyone has missed this… It is really worth clicking: MANLY BIKE FOR SALE


19 thoughts on “And Just Like That…

  1. If I have not made this abundantly clear, I have absolutely no interest in participating in the Logan to Jackson bicycle ride. If the idea of a 210 (or whatever) mile race (with stop lights) were not a big enough turn off, the logistics fully kill me. I won’t get into the $150 entry fee and 1000 participants math-a-matics.
    Swimming. I swim like a fish. A really slow fish, but a fish, all the same.
    If you are referring to a triathlon, I have an aversion to running, aero bars, man-kinis, being kicked in the face, and trying new things. Thanks for the suggestion all the same.

  2. Oh yeah, and before anyone “goes there”, I realize there is still dirt road biking season on the horizon. I meant road road biking season.

  3. Just to take away one of your complaints, the route is “stop light free” this year. With ben backing out, we have an open slot, so man-up and come join the fun. You need to replace the freezing memory you have of your first/last attempt.

  4. Look man, I know it is cool that they have a statue made for you everytime you win there, and that the mayor declares it “Eki Day” and no one has to work, but I am still not interested.

  5. me neither….like I’ve noted before…the promoter would have to pay me 10X the entry fee for me to START! especially at that god-fore-saken hour…203 miles is in no way MANLY. In fact when you get done, your urologist will gladly explain how UNMANLY your swollen, painful nuggets and boils are.

  6. I can definitely say that if the promoter will pay me 10X the entry fee, I will start. No guarantees on finishing, of course.

  7. Sandros,
    If you would take off your panties before starting the race, you wouldn’t have swollen nuggets or boils. It’s okay that you don’t want to participate in the joyous frolic, it is not for everyone. Just like many pro’s have it written into their contracts that they don’t have to ride Paris-Roubais.

  8. My mom-in-law has been bustin’ on me for 6 f-ing years to come out and do (note I didn’t say RACE) BloToJa. Based on the comments I’m glad I’ve avoided the clusterf*ck (so far).

    Hell, I’d rather hang out in Jackson and do some climbing instead.

  9. Rico- I only dump non-alcoholic beer on people because of my religious affiliations, and I’ll only dump it on you if you man up and do the pro race.
    All- I am going to shut up about Lotoja now because as unappealing as it is to me, they get a 1000 people on bicycles in the wilds of Utah, I-da-ho, and Wyoming and that’s probably a good thing.

  10. Speaking of anti-blw… I should probably have mentioned that when I was getting up and riding at 6 at last years Ibike, the J-Rad would ride with me even though he was not racing. Tuff!

  11. Look man, I just said I was done talking about Lotoja and then you throw “stupid” and “Lotoja” into the same comment… How am I supposed to avoid making a connection?

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