Three Day Weekend!!!

Yaaaay for three day weekends!  The unfortunate part will of course be coming back to some angry shop guys.  They seem to have a hard time understanding that we are not a bike shop and our hours are not the same as a bike shop.  Anyway, I should not think of that as the time is ripe for sweetness and having a maximal amount of fun.

The NAC Ride is tomorrow.  Please consider joining in the festivities.  I realize that a $50 entry for a 50 mile ride is steep to some, but it is a 100% charitable contribution!  Also, you are probably riding on a minimum $2k bike.  More likely $4k or more.  Plus, free concert, lunch, rest stop feeds, bounce house, climbing wall, sporty hi-tech shirt (not some crappy tee, friends) and non-raffle raffle!  Win Reynolds Attack full carbon wheelset!

I don’t know what’s on tap the rest of the weekend, but I am pretty sure it will be good times!  If this post seems oddly upbeat, I can explain.  About a week and half ago, I had an epiphany.  I had been pretty down in the dumps for awhile and I really don’t know why.  I gave myself a swift kick to the groin and realized how forking good I have it. 

Life is what you make.

3 thoughts on “Three Day Weekend!!!

  1. Glad to see you successfully unwedged your melon from your ass. I must admit to being a bit bummed at you declining to appear at the 210 mile World Championship Really Really Rediculously Long Ride. But oh well. Send me your address for the fiesta invite…date oct 12.

  2. I will send you the address, but I am pretty sure I have to go to Hawaii that weekend. Not that I am bummed to go to Hawaii, because that is a half-decent work assignment, but bummed to miss the festivities.

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