Summit Challenge and such and such

The Summit Challenge to benefit the NAC was pretty spot-on for a first year event.  About 175 riders showed up.  I was surprised to see cycling celebrity Bob Dole Roll (always get those two confused) show up, pay his fee, do the ride and take off with basically no one even noticing. 

With Park City Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge being the title sponsor of the event and our team, we were tasked with doing the ride, and helping out wherever possible.  It was a fun day, and I was probably most impressed by the handcyclists who completed a fairly arduous 50 miles.  Tuff!.  Kelly and the girls showed up afterwards for the lunch, which was remarkably good and for the raffle opportunity drawing.

The line of the day goes to Haley.  Sleevie tried to get her to come up to me and say “Sleevie says you’re slow”.  However, knowing that did not make sense, she instead said “Sleevie says he’s slow”.  Smart kid!


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