Looking Forward and something else completely

I have a decent schedule through the start of the year.

September- Interbike.  Yeah, it’s work and all, but still

October- Kona Ironman World’s.  See above X 1000.

November- Thanksgiving at Grandma’s in Sedona.  Not work and lots of red dirt to play in.

December-January- Christmas-New Year’s at (other) Grandma’s in Long Beach.  I don’t think a comment is necessary here.

Maybe this is why I have been more upbeat as of late.

At what point, did I start referring to my mom as grandma anyway?

And now for something completely different:

“I knew I had a chance, that’s why I took yesterday off with the time trial,” said Hamilton about his decision to only contest the road race. “I am an Olympic champion in time trial but I decided to save my energy for today.”

Technically true, I suppose.


6 thoughts on “Looking Forward and something else completely

  1. I’m getting pissed with people referring to his B-sample as “exonerating” him. He was not exonerated. The lab F-ed up the B-sample making it unusable. The rules did not allow sanctions against him based solely on a positive A-sample.

    He came up hot in the Olympics and only a loophole allowed him to keep his medal.

  2. Yeah, I gotta say rhe guy rode a great race this weekend. Taking on a gaggle of Garmin guys and getting the jersey is freaking huge. Good on him for that. I believe in second chances, but I won’t pretend the quote doesn’t bug me.

  3. Well, it’s kind of a long way out to forecast my group rides at this point, but I would say there is approximately a 100% chance of my attending either Como Street World’s or Fred Park Natz if not both. A 60% chance of doing the New Year’s Day ride depending on if we are back from camping, and there is a slight chance of scattered other group rides.

  4. I’ll have to hit you up for more info about those rides. I’ll be home for a week or two for Christmas, and I’d like to see what those rides are all about. That is, if I can take a break from my busy schedule of skiing at Mammoth and pedaling around the Angeles Forest.

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