Sneak Preview, A Car Load of Camping Crap, and Lotoja Congrats

Saturday we went camping up on the Nebo Loop.  Loaded up the family wagon.  And when I say loaded…  Yeah, Passat Wagon with three adults, two kids with car seats, a dog and dog box (that takes up half the trunk space), two tents, camp stove, food, sleeping bags, clothes…I think you get the idea.  We were packed- to the point I had stuff under my (driver’s) seat.  Luckily, it is a short drive.  We’re gonna need a bigger boat. 

Note to self- Ride Nebo Loop before the snow comes. 

Holy crap, it is so nice up there.  We found a campground that was pretty low thinking it would not be warmer.  And it was super duper nice.  Did some hiking up to a lake that where the girls had lots of fun playing with pond scum. 

Drove up to the top of the loop- elevation 9385′, stopping to take in some views.  Reminisced a little back to Tour of Utah 2006 and the sign that nearly cracked me “30K to go” and knowing it is all uphill.  Wow! 

Anyway, back to the present, back to camp and had dinner, campfire, smores, the whole bit.  I am not a marshmallow fan, but you gotta do what you gotta do for the crew. 

The next morning we had an awesome breakfast before someone decided that camping season is over and came around and turned off the water, which was a little dissapointing as I enjoy brushing my teeth on a near daily basis. 

We re-loaded the slightly less full family truckster (we ate some food and burned some wood), and headed back home, making for a short (less than 24 hours), but full trip.

Got back home and chilled for a few before doing our ceremonial Sunday family ride up Provo Canyon.  We usually ride in the morning and let me tell ya, it sure is a lot busier in the afternoon.  I don’t understand how people can be so unaware of what’s going on around them as some people on the Provo River trail are.  It really is astounding.

That was pretty much all the excitement for the weekend.

Big ups to C-Hoff for winning Lotoja for the second year on the trot.  I heard he missed the start and chased on, which only makes it better.  Congrats to everyone else who got out there and finished the big ride as well.  Like I said, 1000 people on bikes in rural Utah, I-da-ho, and Wyoming is pretty cool.

Seacrest Out.


7 thoughts on “Sneak Preview, A Car Load of Camping Crap, and Lotoja Congrats

  1. “Other rumors are that Armstrong will continue to pursue mountain bike racing, and may try his hand at cyclocross as well.” Bring it old man!!

  2. Hey RB. you probably knew that I am going to try and get on the team, but when do we need to send you the resume? I’m trying to hold off until after Harvest Moon to get some more points but will send it sooner if you want it.
    And good job on the site Sleevie, very professional…and definitely epic

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