Don’t Call it a Comeback

So I’ve been avoiding saying anything about a certain riders “comeback”.  I am of the opinion that he (who shall not be named) just heard that Flandis was coming back and wanted to grab the headlines away.  Or that Julich was retiring.  Anyway, I am interested in the trend towards aging athletes still competing on a high level.  Mommy Torres medalling in the Olympigames at 41.  Malcolm Elliot pulling top 10 stages at Tour of Britain.  Thurlow 3rd at Elite Natz and he’s pushing 50.  The rules are changing, and that’s a good thing.  Anyway, I am hereby announcing my comeback to professional cycling 12K Dreamer Status. 

In 2024. 

As soon as Morgan leaves for college, I am going to officially start living off Kelly again and take up my true calling in life.







PS- I just found out the Interbike Crit is a non-possibility as we are doing a company dinner that night.  Suck.

I guess it is time to get the cross bike rolling.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Call it a Comeback

  1. Seriously though, you should come back. I don’t know that you’ll ever top your 79th place at Junior Natz, but you know, “love of the game” and all that crap.

  2. No I-Bike Crit? I think you should retire. Come-backs are so Lance – it’s like watching a train wreck. Retiring and starting a new young pro team is so Vaughters; definitely good for cycling.

    Or you could go after that advanced degree that’s always eluded you – sandy style. Or you could retire, start a young pro team, then go after that advanced degree – a la Willett.

    Hmmm, so many options. What to do? I know I’m anxiously awaiting word…

  3. I would like to announce my retirement, but I’m afraid I have another 50 or so years until that is a possibility. Although I did just get an offer to wire money to my account from Zimbabwe to my email, so I got that going for me.

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