Gentle Reader,

I’ve been a bit slow on the updates as late.  Preparing for “the show” has left me precious little time for such things.  Yesterday, I was feeling alright as I headed into the office, and feeling like I could probably even get stuff done in time.  That feeling was shattered when I sat down and a whole new world of responsibility was dumped on my plate.  “You better have answers”… for the meeting at three o’clock.  So meetings at 9, 3, and 4.  And with that, the day is pretty much a write off. 

“You don’t even know what a write off is…”

Anyway, I walked in this morning to a card on my desk.  I expected to open it and read “HTFU!”, but it was actually a really sweet (and not by my usual definition of sweetness) anonymous card saying that I make work “more enjoyable”.  It’s amazing how a little thing can change your outlook.  Hopefully I can “pay it forward” and boost someone else’s morale before the day is through.

In other news, Kelly’s grandparents and her uncle came out and are putting together a playhouse.  It is a serious project as the playhouse measures 6′ X 6′.  Any bigger and I may get confused about which house I am supposed to live in and which one is for the girls to play in.  It’s not done as of this morning, but I am amazed at how much they managed to get done yesterday with only two people (and one of whom is in his 80’s!). 

It’s unfortunate that I was born completely free of the ‘handy’ gene.

In an odd twist, I will be covering the “Jeep 48Straight” dual slalom mountain bike event in Park City for the Deseret News this weekend.  Look for it on Sunday and thanks to you know who for hooking it up.

Still not sure exactly when I am leaving for Vegas (baby).


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