Morning at Home

Kelly has court today to fight her DUI speeding ticket, so I am home this morning with the girls.  I can’t lie, it is pretty nice.  Howev, I wll be completely screwed when I do make it in to work as I’m sure the phone is ringing of the hook, I have meeting at 3 and 4 (meaning the afternoon is shot), and I need to mail stuff for the booth in Hawaii next week.  Buried alive.  Ahhh well, might as well enjoy it while I’m here, right?

Yeah, so Hawaii… I am not one to lick a gift horse in the mouth.  In fact, I can’t recall ever licking a horse at all, but it does seem like I just got home and now I’ll be hitting the road again.  It kinda sucks that on my first trip to Hawaii, the family can’t come along.  Anyway, same deal as above… I’m gonna enjoy it all the same.  But I will feel a bit guilty.

On the biking front, I am having a legit off-season.  I really haven’t trained since before tofu, and haven’t even touched a bike in almost two weeks.  Now, I am going stir crazy, so I’ll have to get out a bit.  Once I am back from Hawaii, I’ll get back in the groove and hopefully jump into some dirt road biking action.

My man AH has a nice post on what is going on with the re-testing of samples for anti-doping at the tour.  He is speculating, but with his background, it is more than an educated guess.  Check it out and watch it happen.


6 thoughts on “Morning at Home

  1. One of the ways you judge the health (quality) of a horse is to look in it’s mouth at it’s teeth. A horse that can’t chew it’s food is nothing but trouble. When you buy a horse you always examine it’s mouth to make sure you’re not getting hosed. Hence the saying ” don’t LOOK a gift horse in the mouth”. If you want to lick a horse’s mouth, I guess you can, but I think I will stick with looking in them.

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