Kelly is taking her in to be put down today. 

She was still kicking as of two days ago, but hasn’t able to stand up on her own since.  She’s not eating or drinking at all, and her eyes are just saying “it’s my time”.

I know I have written pretty much the exact same thing on the blog twice already, and she’s made a miraculous recovery both times, but I think it’s for real now. 

Here’s to Cassidy- drooling, howling, eating bread, killing snakes, and never having to take a bath in doggy heaven.


3 thoughts on “Cassidy

  1. Sad. But glad to see a good friend of yours treated well.

    I think my kids, if we had a dog, would just about die themselves if we had to put it down.

  2. That sucks! I’m going through similar stuff with my doggie. She’s great one day then then next I’m carrying her up the stairs. I may have to choose to quit being selfish and put her down too. It is a tough decision. . . I feel for you!

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