Leaving on a jet plane…

Only have time for a quicky (sometimes it’s better that way, right?):

I am off to Hawaii tomorrow, which seems really strange.  Sadly it’s not all surfing and luau’s.  I am working, and by that I mean standing around talking to people about bike stuff.  Then, I will watch some modern day gladiators do battle.  In speedos.  On that note, I would ride with a big, cushy nosed saddle too if I had to ride a 112 miles on a TT bike in a bathing suit.  That still doesn’t explain arm warmers coupled with sleeveless jerseys, but some mysteries are better left unexplained in this world.

Anyway, for the legions of out-of-state readers, we had a rainy and cool weekend officially marking the end of summer (to me).  The mountains got a big dumping of snow.  For me, this meant a relaxing weekend of doing pretty much nothing with the fam-bamily.

Ok, work just went crazy, so it’s post over.  I’ll try to update from the road.