Yeah, Okay, I’ll Update

I could easily write a book (maybe that’s a overstatement, as I imagine being an author is rarely easy) on my experiences up to this point, but my battery is dying… No free internet at the hotel, so I am unplugged.  Just tried to catch up on work email.  112 messages in a day seems excessive.  Anyway, some random thoughts:

The tri world and the road world are so different.  There are a ton of people here and they are all here for the entire week or, often times two or three weeks.  Road racers tend to be fly in, fly out.

Speedo and compression tights seems to make a perfectly fine outfit in this bunch. 

I have been surfing.  Pretty much anytime the expo isn’t open and it is light outside.  It’s a lot different than California, where the water is always cold.  I have not been cold at all yet.  And there’s tropical fish straight out of your aquarium all over the place. 

The first time out, I didn’t know where to go and just hit up some random spot.  It was a shallow lava bottom, and not suprisingly, I got the crap beaten out of me and had to walk about a mile back to the hotel bleeding profusely from my leg and foot.  Good times.  I probably could’ve done stitches in my foot, but I figure a scar will just enhance the memory.  Anyway, sense then I found a spot that suits me better.  Long, cruisy rollers into a big open bay.

The plane from LA was packed.  I think pretty much everyone on it was coming for the big three sports in one game.  I have never seen so many bike boxes coming off a plane.

I am pretty much a fan of Hawaii.  I miss the wife and kids, but if they’re willing, I think I could settle in over here pretty well.


6 thoughts on “Yeah, Okay, I’ll Update

  1. I have two many typos myself, so I’ll not go there.

    But the 112 emails in one day would stop if you’d just quit hitting reply to the ones from your long lost uncle in Nigeria.

  2. I love it out there, too, Ryan. If you and the girls move, maybe I can convince my guys that we should join you. We can create lava art to sell to tourists or something.

    I know that your readers are a bunch of multisport-hata’s, but I am very jealous that you get to watch an ironman!

  3. Dear J-Rad, this is your first comment in 4-eva and all you bring is hate. Wack dawg.
    J-E- But as long as I give up my bank details and/or SS #, I will be super rich.
    Beth- Haters will just keep hating. Anyway, this is not just “an ironman”, it really is THE ironman… To paraphrase one of my blogging brethren, “If you ride a bike, you are a friend of mine. If you wear a speedo and compression socks, expect to be made fun of”.

  4. BG- Crazy- I had the same thought when I was out there. This time truly alone as in no one in sight. Except I never imagine there being someone else to tell the story. I am a survivor, so I was imagining myself on tv telling my story of dragging myself over the rocks, out of the ocean, into the street…I even had the guy in a pick up truck who eventually found me stumbling down the road in mind.
    Anyway, doing it again tomorrow. More likely to get struck by lightning than a shark; more likely to die of a bee sting than a shark attack.

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