Somebody went to Hawaii and now they can’t catch up.  Boo-hoo!!

Seriously though, 10 hours a day (that’s 12 hours door-to-door) and no lunches and I am still behind.  And it’s not just because of being out last week as the past six weeks have been the same.  That’s not entirely accurate as I think I have actually taken 2 lunches during that time.

Anyway, as anticipated this comes out pretty weak from a guy who spent five days in Hawaii, but I’m posting it anyway.  And I’m taking a lunch today!

7 thoughts on “Waaaaaahhhh!!

  1. Turbo, I was enjoying the slug fest you had with your sister….this appears to be the place for some passive aggressive bitch slapping.

    It’ll be interesting to see if the HLP’s ever see each other again though, as I’m making my schedule for my clinical year (starting in March) and we basically get a day off once or twice every 14 weeks. I’m sure I’ll see him for our 40th birthday(s), depending on my resdency…

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