I beat Kelly to posting pics!!


9 thoughts on “I beat Kelly to posting pics!!

  1. You know, I think I saw you guys unloading. We had arrived just a few minutes before you in the red minivan on the north side of the parking lot (you guys were on the south side, right?). You guys looked so pro in all the kit. Missed connection – would have been fun to say hi.

  2. We are nothing if not pro. Wait, we’re not pro. We’re nothing if not sharp accessorisers. Quite a coincidence, sorry we missed you.

  3. Actually, it’s a Strike on the back and a DV up front. You know, in case, the cross winds come up. Or because I am to lazy to put together a matching set.

  4. I have no idea how that happened. Seriously. I’m sure you don’t believe me, but that is just one of those perfect coicidences that somehow happen. I don’t know how to control the photo for anyone else who posts on here.

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