Cross- it’s what’s for lunch

I have been riding my cross bike at lunch.  We have a sweet course that we used last year for the Interoffice Wednesday World Cross Championships of the World, but for the moment no one else here rides bikes.  Anyway, it’s an awesome course- 80% grass, 10% sidewalk, 5% pavement, 5% dirt and 100%  not-singletrack.  The only way it could be better if it was paved.  And then it would be a criterium.  Anyway, it’s pretty sweet.  Have I mentioned it’s sweetness?   Because it is really sweet.

Everyone is talking about how they run their wheels for cross to be light and yet puncture proof.  It seems tubies with sealant, or running clinchers tubeless is the way everyone is going.  Here’s how I do it, take an old road tire and cut the clincher bead off and stick that under your cross tire.  Inflate.  Ride.  I have yet to flat using this ingenious system.  The one draw back is that it is not remotely light and adds a ton of rotating weight.  Details.  That stuff only matters if you are fast.  Anyway, you can do this on the road too.  It is a sweet way to (almost) ensure getting through a Utah winter without having to change a flat.  Another option is to store your bike in the garage until winter is over. 

Anyway, I am still hoping to make it out for some hot dirt road biking races in the coming weeks.  My fitness is pretty much gone (not riding for six weeks will do that) but you know, whatever.  If your wondering why I didn’t ride for six weeks… ummm, things got crazy here and my usual ride time (lunch) was filled with working.  I did ride a couple times on weekends, but it sucked, and I made a resolution to take lunch regardless of what is going down.


5 thoughts on “Cross- it’s what’s for lunch

  1. Oh yeah. Huh.

    When you do the double tire thing, does the tube ever get pinched between the two tires and flat that way?

  2. Of course, now that I have posted this, I’m sure I’ll be stuck on the side of the road in January sucking down carbon monoxide on a twenty degree day. And before anyone says, it- “conspiracy”.

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