That Didn’t Last Long…

Of course, I may quit again tomorrow.

I am home this morning as I need to get my car out of impound the shop.  I tried to get it last night, but they were closed.  Bankers hours!  I still need to get it inspected before the end of the week too. 

So, in any case, here I am at home… on the computer.  This does not add up.

Good bye.


10 thoughts on “That Didn’t Last Long…

  1. Speaking of cars, I bought a 2006 Sienna last night and all I can say is that minivans rule! I dare you to take one out for a test drive this weekend with the family… 🙂

  2. No. First of all, my family wouldn’t be seen with me.
    Seriously, they are just not a fit for us. There really is no room when you use the backrow. And we tend to travel with a lot of gear.

  3. Tell him I say hi back. If anyone does not know, Bill was “the other US sprinter” when Marty was crushing everyone, and he (Bill) went to school with AH and I. When I would hit the gym to get all buff, he would be in there with every plate in the building, plus a couple people riding piggy-back for squats. I almost was able to squat the bar one time.

  4. I take your threat very seriously, but I don’t have any means of altering it. Not that I would if I could, but definitely I would alter everyone else’s as well.

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