Jacking Wireless Once Again

I am one smooth criminal.

No waves today.  Not a single one. 

The big race is tomorrow.  The Ironman World Championships of the World.  I have had a lot of locals ask if I am doing the race.  Unlike when I watch a big bike race, there is absolutely no guilt or frustration at not participating.  The big chunk of flesh missing from my heel would certainly put a damper on things if I were, however.

Anyway, this thing is a big deal.  As addressed in the comments in the post below, I will admit to making fun of triathletes, but it is all good clean fun.  Just- for crap’s sake man- speedo, compression socks, and an aero helmet while WALKING in the expo???

I am looking forward to going home at this point, though I am less enthused at the pile of work that awaits me, or that I hear it is like 40 and rain/snowing at the moment.


Yeah, Okay, I’ll Update

I could easily write a book (maybe that’s a overstatement, as I imagine being an author is rarely easy) on my experiences up to this point, but my battery is dying… No free internet at the hotel, so I am unplugged.  Just tried to catch up on work email.  112 messages in a day seems excessive.  Anyway, some random thoughts:

The tri world and the road world are so different.  There are a ton of people here and they are all here for the entire week or, often times two or three weeks.  Road racers tend to be fly in, fly out.

Speedo and compression tights seems to make a perfectly fine outfit in this bunch. 

I have been surfing.  Pretty much anytime the expo isn’t open and it is light outside.  It’s a lot different than California, where the water is always cold.  I have not been cold at all yet.  And there’s tropical fish straight out of your aquarium all over the place. 

The first time out, I didn’t know where to go and just hit up some random spot.  It was a shallow lava bottom, and not suprisingly, I got the crap beaten out of me and had to walk about a mile back to the hotel bleeding profusely from my leg and foot.  Good times.  I probably could’ve done stitches in my foot, but I figure a scar will just enhance the memory.  Anyway, sense then I found a spot that suits me better.  Long, cruisy rollers into a big open bay.

The plane from LA was packed.  I think pretty much everyone on it was coming for the big three sports in one game.  I have never seen so many bike boxes coming off a plane.

I am pretty much a fan of Hawaii.  I miss the wife and kids, but if they’re willing, I think I could settle in over here pretty well.

Leaving on a jet plane…

Only have time for a quicky (sometimes it’s better that way, right?):

I am off to Hawaii tomorrow, which seems really strange.  Sadly it’s not all surfing and luau’s.  I am working, and by that I mean standing around talking to people about bike stuff.  Then, I will watch some modern day gladiators do battle.  In speedos.  On that note, I would ride with a big, cushy nosed saddle too if I had to ride a 112 miles on a TT bike in a bathing suit.  That still doesn’t explain arm warmers coupled with sleeveless jerseys, but some mysteries are better left unexplained in this world.

Anyway, for the legions of out-of-state readers, we had a rainy and cool weekend officially marking the end of summer (to me).  The mountains got a big dumping of snow.  For me, this meant a relaxing weekend of doing pretty much nothing with the fam-bamily.

Ok, work just went crazy, so it’s post over.  I’ll try to update from the road.

Ulli weighs in on Lance

“I think it is possible that he can win again in France,” the retired German cyclist told the dpa press agency. “He has a great life and great women, but it doesn’t fulfil him. He finds his fulfillment in sport. If he meets the challenge mentally, then his body will also meet it.”

He later did not add “but who is being having an Olympic gold medal, das bitch?”


Kelly is taking her in to be put down today. 

She was still kicking as of two days ago, but hasn’t able to stand up on her own since.  She’s not eating or drinking at all, and her eyes are just saying “it’s my time”.

I know I have written pretty much the exact same thing on the blog twice already, and she’s made a miraculous recovery both times, but I think it’s for real now. 

Here’s to Cassidy- drooling, howling, eating bread, killing snakes, and never having to take a bath in doggy heaven.


Just to answer the question below… I ride Maxxis clinchers the bulk of the time.  However, in my product testing, I rode a single set of Continental Sprinters pretty much all summer.  Racing, training, commuting… No flats.  Also, the Utah All-Stars team had no flats at TofU on these tires.  They ride really well too.  I had considerably worse luck with the purportedly more flat resistant Gatorskins when it seemed I flatted on almost every ride.

Morning at Home

Kelly has court today to fight her DUI speeding ticket, so I am home this morning with the girls.  I can’t lie, it is pretty nice.  Howev, I wll be completely screwed when I do make it in to work as I’m sure the phone is ringing of the hook, I have meeting at 3 and 4 (meaning the afternoon is shot), and I need to mail stuff for the booth in Hawaii next week.  Buried alive.  Ahhh well, might as well enjoy it while I’m here, right?

Yeah, so Hawaii… I am not one to lick a gift horse in the mouth.  In fact, I can’t recall ever licking a horse at all, but it does seem like I just got home and now I’ll be hitting the road again.  It kinda sucks that on my first trip to Hawaii, the family can’t come along.  Anyway, same deal as above… I’m gonna enjoy it all the same.  But I will feel a bit guilty.

On the biking front, I am having a legit off-season.  I really haven’t trained since before tofu, and haven’t even touched a bike in almost two weeks.  Now, I am going stir crazy, so I’ll have to get out a bit.  Once I am back from Hawaii, I’ll get back in the groove and hopefully jump into some dirt road biking action.

My man AH has a nice post on what is going on with the re-testing of samples for anti-doping at the tour.  He is speculating, but with his background, it is more than an educated guess.  Check it out and watch it happen.