Halloween, Busy Saturday, and visiting the cross ATM

Halloween was sweet.  Haley was fast and Morgan less so, but they made off with a fair bit of loot.  I let them eat it all that night.  Not really just wanted to see if I could make Beth faint.  For my out-of-state readership, it was much warmer than usual and everyone was hanging out on the front porches to hand out candy, which was nice.  I’m sure Kelly will have pictures soon; she’s out hiking with Etta at the moment.

Saturday I had bunches to do, and managed to squeeze in a cross race around it.  Drove to Kelly’s folks rental to move furniture first thing in the morning.  Then, I took the Jeep to get inspected.  As per, it failed, but this time it was easy.  Last year it failed for not having a third brake light, and about a week ago the bulb went out.  I assumed it was something with the wiring, so took it to the guys who did it.  This time, they fixed the bulb, but the wiring got messed up so the middle light would flash with the right turn signal.  End result, failure.  I got them to fix it, went back to the testing station, passed, and headed home.  When I got there, it was time to leave for the cross race.  It was kinda nice because I am pretty uptight about getting to road events early, but I didn’t care and we got there about 30 minutes from the start.

I was not overly impressive in the cross race, but had fun.  I worked it out and in additon to not riding for six weeks, I haven’t done any intensity at all since San Pete in August, so I guess I couldn’t expect too much.  Coupled with a complete lack of technical skillz, I got lapped by the top 5 guys!  Yeaahhhh!!   It is easier to show improvement when you start off really bad, so hopefully it will be easy to improve upon.  No, I am not racing today, but hope to do a couple more.  Gotta get some form before going back to Cali for Christmas, right?  hahaha.

Fox handed up a hundy to the leader of the first lap.  It was never gonna be me, but I did get two ones out of him before he started going for change.  Then, I got a quarter.  The next lap, I stole two pennies from Ali G by running around him and taking them for a grand total of $2.27 in “prize money” for the day.  Speaking of which, I don’t know what happened to Ali G as he is ummm, really good and shouldn’t be in the same area code as me after the first half lap of a cross race.  Anyway, I paid for it the next lap as I tripped before even getting to the barriers in the same spot.  Doh!  My bike was running like a well tuned piece of crap too, as I dropped the chain about six times.  Ahhh well, good times…80 degree cross in November.

Kelly attempted to take Etta and the girls to the race, but found out the hard way that was a bit much to handle.  They ended up driving over to the Oval and playing in the soccer fields instead.

Once we got home, there was just time to head to Kelly’s brother Matt’s birthday party at his house in Pregnant Grove.  It was a hoot, but I was pretty much shot.  The girls were going full blast, however, and provided plenty of entertainment.  Made it home, got the girls down, and fell asleep in front of the t.v.


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