We Got a Long Way to Go…

I normally keep the blog free of politics, but…

I thought both candidates delivered really good speeches last night, and I am really hopeful for the future.

Immediately after the results were announced, I got a couple of very overtly racist text messages.  This was pretty disturbing for me on a number of levels.

Woke up to snow this morning.  It’s not that I hate snow.  It’s just… nothing like a two hour, white knuckle commute to start your day. 

Haley got up at 5 again, but went back to sleep (or at least back to bed) for awhile, so hopefully that’s progress.  As opposed to me, she was quite thrilled to see the return of winter.


6 thoughts on “We Got a Long Way to Go…

  1. That’s because even though it’s 2008, people are still ignorant. Yeah, I get asked questions like “Why aren’t you home having kids?” or after looking around the room where I’m the only female someone has the gall to ask me “So why did they hire you?”

    Freaking idiots.

    Those people who sent you those messages are just pissed because Obama is wayyyy smarter than they are. People hate that. Especially stupid people.

  2. You should try riding your bike to work next time it snows. It will probably be miserable and make the drive seem that much better. But it might be your best ride ever (what could be better than combining the length of a road race with the crappy weather of a cross race?). Either way you win.

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