My Head Hurts…

Because my brain is working quadruple time.  Just when you thought it was impossible, I had another brilliant idea.  The astute blog reader will realize that my darling wife had a tough go of it at last weeks cross race.  My idea is that this week, she should race and I can watch the kids, and then we’ll switch.  I know, I know, brilliant.  If you are questioning why I am posting this to the blog, rather than just asking her if she wants to race, there are a couple reasons for this tactic:

1).  Face-to-face she will come up with logical arguments such as not having ridden in forever, not having raced in 10 years, and never having raced off-road (or track).

B).  The support of the online community may be enough to sway her into actually doing it, though I doubt it. 

Anyway, if so inclined, contribute your support to this plan in the comments.  Otherwise, stay tuned for more brilliance.


12 thoughts on “My Head Hurts…

  1. Wow… Look at the outpouring of support!!

    Why do I get the feeling there will be swift kick to the groin waiting for me at home?

  2. Sweet. I will take off my protective cup then.

    Also, AH, yeah, I meant she has not raced off of road or track type surfaces. Like on dirt. She has not done that.

  3. I haven’t raced off the road either. It’s actually kind of tempting for me to come out and cross race if I knew Kelly would be going for it for the first time as well. Too bad I have to work this weekend…

  4. I’ve been doing a lot of it lately, so I think of myself as something of an authority on this stuff… Work is overrated.

  5. I, too, might be pursuaded to try a Cross race — was thinking of the Nov. 15 race at wheeler to be specific — if only I had a cross bike or if there was a bike that fit a tall dude such as myself out there waiting to be borrowed or loaned out . . .

  6. Does it always have to be about you? We are forming a support group for Kelly here… Just kidding, but seriously, I don’t know any tall guys with cross bikes. Sorry. Oh wait… As long as it is back to it’s clean and pristine condition (hahaha) before 1:00, that’d work.

  7. Well I certainly think a woman’s place is at a bike race, so I think your better half — your words, not mine — would enjoy the hour or two of mud. I’d even be willing to bring an extra cowbell for your daughters to ring. Careful, though, it’s a Toyota-United cowbell and that team just went the way of the Phonak squad so …

    As for me, the Men’s C race starts at 9:30 or some unholy early time like that. So I’d have plenty of time to run it through the car wash across the street.

  8. Oh sure, I leave, find myself quickly replaced from the announcing gig that I started and now you AND the wife start racing? Typical. And no, this does not count as an official comment, because I can’t e-flame you over email and have it reach the public forum I want. So I’m still not commenting on your blog until you take down that picture. So there!

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