Humbled by the cross again…

First off, I want to congratulate Kelly for lining up and racing yesterday.  I really didn’t think she’d go for it when I suggested it.  Maybe next year I’ll be working the pits for her.  hahaha.

Anyway, on to me.  I got a better start than last week and was kind of “in the mix” for the first couple hundred meters, then I just turned into a road block for the guys I got the jump on.  The watts are coming back, but I have a long way to go for technical skills.  The top 5 guys all lapped me again.  In all honesty, it’s pretty hard because road racing comes easier to me than most people these days.  By that I mean, I know I don’t have to do as much training as other people to pull some decent results.  I think that is purely because I have been doing it so long at this point because when I was young I worked as hard as anybody.  I’m talking months of 30+ hour weeks.  Oops, getting nostalgic and off-topic… anyway, cross is an eye opener and hopefully I’ll do a couple more races still, and who knows, maybe see some progress.

The kids race was rad, and I have a feeling Haley will be out there as soon as she can ride a two-wheeler!

Friday (yeah, I am jumping around) our office was closed so I had the chance to complete some projects around the house.  I opted to get several projects half done instead.  Gotta keep it interesting.  Anyway, Sleevie and I rode that evening.  It was the longest road ride in awhile, but it was still only a touch over two hours.  The sun was going down and it was COLD coming down South Fork. 

Saturday night we rented “Run Fatboy Run”.  Two thumbs up.

Good luck to everyone racing in Poke-a-fella today.  I am sure the Krieg will put on a sweet event.


5 thoughts on “Humbled by the cross again…

  1. When I heard Gardie call out “And that’s Kelly Barrett” when she was coming across the line, I turned around, clipboard in hand, and said, “You mean Mrs. Turbo?”

    That rocked. You gotta love it when a family races together …

  2. Yeah, I liked it when I heard Gardie say “Ryan Barrett- needing to take some lessons from his wife” every other lap.
    I also liked it when G-Love got my name wrong!
    He’s so good looking though… it gave me the motivation to keep going just for the chance to see him again at the end of each lap.

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