You ever try to do something that seems inherently “good”, and yet the further you get into it, the more you are pissing people off?


7 thoughts on “Frustrated

  1. That’s one thing I have going… My kids definitely still think I am cool. Wait, that’s not going to change, right?

  2. My 14-year-old daughter used to think I was cool, too. Then yesterday I was helping out at a school function and she sent me a text that said exactly this:

    “Hey dad, if you pretend you don’t know me (though I love you dearly) you can make me wear whatever you want to school tomorrow, even pink.”

    She hates pink and says it makes her look like she just stepped out of a country club and is as sweet as apple pie. Thankfully, she’s not an emo goth kid. Just anti-pink.

    My younger kids? In their eyes, I am uber cool. For now.

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