I think I’ve Created a Monster…

Kelly ripped the cross race again.  I gotta say this is a lot more fun than when we both raced back in the day as neither of us take it too seriously.  Not sure how it would work out if she wanted to race on the road as well, but for cross the schedule is perfect for us in terms of taking turns with the girls.  I could see it working at crits too, but that would be hard on me as I am pretty uptight about “saving my legs” and all that crap.  Man, I am selfish. 

Anyway, she looked good out there.  She seemed to be smiling the whole time so I asked if she was going her hardest and she said that her lungs hurt when she went too hard.  I know she’s been out of the game for awhile, but umm yeah, my lungs hurt too, along with my legs, ocassionally my back, arms, neck and pretty much all my other parts.

I managed to turf it in the warm-up. 

I would definitely describe it as a mountain bike course.  Lots of singletrack.  Lots of fun though.  I got a bad start and then got bucked off my bike (someone hit me from behind, not operator error for once) pretty quick and passed by almost everyone.  I eventually found some flow on the singletrack, but it took me pretty much half the race.  Please, please, please stop telling me that singletrack is just like moving up in a crit, or otherwise relating cross racing to crit racing.  I just don’t see it.  Or feel it.

Anyway, I only got lapped by Bart (a little win for me right there) and as he caught me only a 100 meters or so from the line, he let me repass him so I could do my last lap.  I was actually okay with that since no one else would be on the course behind me I could have fun on the last lap and try some different lines and what-not.  Overall, despite a more challenging technical course, I felt a lot stronger when I could open the throttle than the previous weeks.  I’ll take this as a good sign of getting fit for the group rides over Christmas/New Year’s.  Gotta be on for Como Street!!  Hahahaha.

Of course, that is assuming CA has not burned down.  Seriously, I hope all my friends out there are okay.   While I am sending well-wishes, I heard the Hardwood went down hard yesterday and most likely broke his c-bone.  So heal up in a hurry wishes to one of my favorite competitors.

Did a solid ride on Friday as well- the Sleevie, my new friend and neighbor Matt, and I hit up Squaw Peak in the evening.  Doing a real ride during the week is something I could get used to.  The gate is closed for the winter, so there are no cars up there.  Get it while the gettin’s good.

Today Haley is participating in the Primary program at church, so that should be exciting!  Wish us luck!


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