Thanks JE!,5143,705264291,00.html?pg=1

Racer gets the cover shot.  In the hard copy, the second photo is also used, which happens to be the same shot I put on the blog the other day.  I am sure some die hard crossers will be hating that a chump like me is featured in the article!  I guess it pays to let the paperboy borrow your bike.  Everyone should be in agreement that an article on cross in the paper is pretty much the sweetest of sweet beans though.


6 thoughts on “Thanks JE!

  1. Here’s what’s funny. The caption for the photo originally stated Racer Gibson blah blah blah, but the copy editors in charge of putting the page together thought it was a typo or that a name had been left out — which, I suppose, it has — and changed the words to the nondescript verbage for that photo

  2. Holy crap. I just picked up a paper at the gas station. They really blew that thing up, didn’t they.

    Good thing I am friends with the designer of that page.

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