In Brief

Straight chillin’ in the hot AZ.  Sedona style.  The weather is supposed to take a left by the end of the week, but yesterday and today are (and were)- 70’s, no wind, and sunny.  Chillin’ with the fam-bam, lots of time in the park, and a wee bit of red dirt.  They haven’t gotten a drop of rain in six weeks, so it’s pretty dusty.  Kelly rode over a beaver tail and double flatted yesterday and had to jog it out.  I blame the vortex.  

On that note, I think the cross racing is helping her skillz.  Sections she walked last year, she is riding, no sweat.  Or maybe just a little sweat.  Whatever, she is getting it done.

My sweet double tire technique is still holding up.   Fingers crossed.


3 thoughts on “In Brief

  1. Yeah, we haven’t had awesome luck with our camera and taking abuse. Given the likelihood of me crashing I didn’t bring it on either of my first two rides. We’ll take it next time and blame you if I crash on it.

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