What to Do?

I will make this quick as I am completely and utterly and other words that mean the same thing-ly slammed at work.  Anywho, the Jeep is ready for the crapper.  The engine is dying a slow, painful, and quite loud death.  It is $2500 minimum to put in a new-used engine.  Is this worth doing for a 14 year old car?  Keep in mind, it’s got new tires and a new top.  It’s also not terribly efficient for either commuting (me) or errand running (Kelly).  It is however, a sweet car and lots of fun. 

We were planning on buying a new car as soon as we have more dough saved anyway, but obviously that will take longer if we drop $2.5 k (again, minimum) on the Jeep.  Keep in mind, that we are a single income family.  And that single income is not incredibly awesome in terms of dollars.  And dollars are worth almost as much as plain paper these days.


If anyone mentions a minivan, I will seriously kick you in the junk the next time I see you. 

Read my lips words- IT AIN’T HAPPENIN’.


24 thoughts on “What to Do?

  1. Beware of pride.

    We were pretty adamant about no minivan, but an SUV was $10k more so we swallowed our pride. The van has been great. Drives like a car, easy for the kids to get in and out, good for loading groceries, great for road trips. We dig it for biking trips (just me and the Mrs.) as we can sleep in the back with a queen air mattress – very comfy and quiet.

    $2500 seems insanely expensive for a new engine. Shop around at the junk yards and I’m sure you can do better – it won’t be new, but it’ll give you 5 or more years. And how much longer will a 14 year old jeep last anyway? Other stuff is going to start going as well.

    Maybe buy another old jeep and swap over the new tires and other good parts.

    I feel your pain – vehicle hassles are no fun.

  2. Pride has nothing to do with it. Okay, maybe a smidge. Mostly it is just that a minivan is useless for us. Didn’t I say something about minivans not being an option?? Seriously, 112% (or more) out of the question.
    Thanks for the other suggestions. I think a lot of the engine issue is the work. Apparently, it’s not as easy as popping out one engine and in with the new.
    A not that SmartCar is equally useful… I know people are keen on being “green” or whattheever, but I am a guy with kids who takes “stuff” everywhere I go. I need room.

  3. I was just hassling ya. If you use/need the features of a jeep/SUV then of course stick with it. Just wanted to tell the story that for us going to a minivan wasn’t that bad, in fact it’s been a good vehicle. But then we have 4 kids so that affects our choice too.

    I wish I had better advice for you other than look for other options. Good luck man.

  4. I have a 2003 Ford Explorer XLT with the 3rd row seat sitting in my garage that I might be convinced to sell if you were interested. Maybe the new tires on your Jeep are the same size which will save you some $ when those on the Explorer need to be replaced (they are about 2 years old if I remember correctly).

  5. We love — LOVE — our Honda Fit. There is a ton of room on the inside, 4 doors, incredible backseat configuration possibilities, 30mpg city, 38 highway, $16K new, yadda yadda. For super ultra mega load hauling we need a box for the roof rack, but the thing is pretty much da bomb. You should at least test drive one.

    One thing you should NOT do is dope, tell everyone and their mother about it (take pictures of yourself with EPO vials!!?!), and then be surprised you are suspended.

  6. Might I suggest another wagon? Subaru (I love mine)? Ford Crown Victoria with Griswold style wood panneling? Ask Super Marc-i-o about used Volvo Wagons…soccermom-ish but still hip.

    If more kids are in the future, you will need a vehicle large enough to handle three. I’m not saying minivan for fear that you will remember and I’ll forget only to attain a swift junk-shot when I’m in Utah for a 4th year elective. BUT…

    With two adults and three children, the only vehicle large enough to handle that plus gear (you are a bike racer after all) is either a full size wagon (So Griswold/1980’s), an SUV or (gulp…here goes) a minivan. Of course my sister had a Honda CRV – which is a “Mini-SUV”. That might be the best/worst of both worlds and they got rid of it because with their new twins, it was too small for 3 kids.

    I say keep the jeep, replace the engine, keep holding onto your glory days, forget responsiblity and face the conspiracy when it kicks YOU in the junk and not until.

  7. Interestingly, I think I am closest to taking Sandy’s advice… Not the wagon, but keeping the Jeep. One thing though, “holding onto your glory days”? I keep waiting for my glory days… are they coming soon?

  8. Umm, at your/our age, they ain’t comin. They’ve happened. Sorry.

    Like the Ice Machine (ooo, that’s a good one!), or being the state crit chump of utah, or Being P-R-O, or being hollywood, or College, or BMX racing or getting married and living with JUST your wife…you get my drift.

  9. I will check with my BIL – he is majorly into Jeeps. Any specifics on what is causing the noise? I want to sound like I know what I’m talking about when I talk to him.

    In the meantime, DO NOT under any circumstance listen to anyone who says the word “minivan”. Last time you did a minivan post, I had to dream that you and I got matching minivans. Ugh!

  10. Wow! Ken Toe-man speaks! I am getting some serious mileage out of this suck-o post. Anyway, the best is yet to come. Utah is where it’s at. End of story.
    I sincerely appreciate everyone’s suggestions (save those about the dreaded minivan). We are moving forward with fixing the Jeeper-Creeper.

  11. You know the best has come and gone because mine have and they involved Ken Toman, Sketchy vans, Jared Nelson, Blowing up Saabs, bikes and skis. I’m not saying anything about little kids and free candy.

    Ken Toman…wow. Turbo, if he says the best times are past, I’m sorry, but they really are. Wow.

    Looking forward you have…………..nope I just can’t do it…it’s too mean.

  12. Yay. Keep the Jeep. I’ve still got my 83 CJ7. Let others conserve fuel so we can burn more! That picture of me on Sandy’s blog is hot, so don’t mess. Anatomically correct, and stuff.

  13. Keep the Jeep. $2500 only covers a few payments if you were to finance new wheels. That way you have no debt and a working car.

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