Riding Inside is Like Surfing Dry


More a PSA than anything to do with this post.

Anyway, I’m at home today.  Around 4:30 yesterday, someone clued me in that our office is closed today.  That would have really sucked had I driven all the way in!  This actually happened to me my first year here (different job) on Pioneer Day.  That is a special Utah holy-day for the unfortunate that don’t get to live here.  So you don’t think we’re slacking too hard, I’m a decent shot over the 40 hour mark for the week already.

Big plans for the weekend- Christmas tree shopping, first meeting with the new team, some hot biking action, and lots of time with my girls. 

Later-haters to all y’all.


One thought on “Riding Inside is Like Surfing Dry

  1. PSA?

    Public Service Announcement


    Prostate Specific Antigen?

    You realize at your age (well into your 30’s) and with your cycling history, your prostate could easilly be secreting a fairly steady, elevated level of PSA?…can you tell I’ve been studying the male Urogenital tract? Good times.

    By the way, one’s first performed Digital Rectal Exam is really an experience. Not recommended.

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