“Daddy’s Special Friend”

Yeah, so my buddy Brian was around for the weekend.  Haley immediately latched onto the idea of him being my “special friend”.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Anyway, we didn’t do anything super thrilling what with the 30 degree drop in temps and all.  We checked out Bridal Veils falls and did a wee bit of Xmas shopping, but mostly it was just hanging out and catching up.

I neglected my bicycles for the entire weekend, which is fairly rare.

Big ups to all the crushers at ‘cross natz.  Ali G- 2nd in master’s, Krieger- 4th in master’s, Kris Walker- WINNER!  Congrats to everyone on putting it all out there whether you accomplished your goals or not.  Now you can put your feet up.  Seriously, put your feet up and don’t touch your bike until the road season starts.  What?  Road season starts now?  Good point.


8 thoughts on ““Daddy’s Special Friend”

  1. That was a little joke because most people are getting ready for the road season now. Therefore, the season starts now. Only if you train, though… and that’s cheating. The Utah season kicks off in St. George in March, and fires full tilt from April on.

  2. I think what your daughter detected was not some sort of romantic interest you hold for him, but the fact that Brian is indeed “special”.

    Like Jerry’s Kids are special.

    Wearing the helmet around the house and needing you to cut his meat for him were probably what gave it away. Kids pick up on subtle stuff like that.

  3. I’m sure it isn’t. Not one of my strengths.

    Sorry Brian. I’ll buy you a muffin the next Tim I’m in Alexandria.
    …and I’ll even cut it for you.

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