The Death Cold

Yeah, it is freezing.  Actually, well below freezing.  I realize that Jared is probably laughing as he told me it was a balmy -12 F at his pad the other morning, but to me this is as cold as it ever needs to get.  And it’s gonna get colder.  For my out of state friends, we’re looking at a high around 20 this weekend.  The nice part about all this is that it makes me appreciate our upcoming CA trip even more.  Leaving one week from today.

I have actually been riding rollers at lunch.  Yeah, surfing dry, the dev’t team must be doing something for my motivation.  Still, I am pretty cracked on that plan, so I think I’ll take on the icy tundra for lunch today. 

At least, the resorts finally got some snow, which while not terribly important to me at the moment, makes everyone else in Utah happy.  And if everyone’s happy, that’s gotta rub off, right?

In other news, my ex-teammate from way back when Hilton Clarke signed with the Fuji ProTour team.  I’ve probably not always been his biggest fan, but  it’s good he gets a shot at the highest level.

Anyway, better get crackin’.


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