Ready to Get the Funk Outta Here

Yeah, two days ’til yellow line fever!  I am ready to get some place warmer.  I-15, here I come.  Oh wait, I just got off I-15 and will commute on it another 3X between now and the trip.  Whatever, you get the point!  Stoked!!

Rode my new Canyon Bicycles-Sienna Dev’t team issue hot rod over the weekend.  Rollers make it hard to determine, but since it’s the same bike I had for TofU, I’ll go ahead and call it the sweetness. 

On that note, I have ridden rollers every day for over a week now.  I rode outside one of those days, but needed the rollers to warm back up.  What can I say?  At work it’s just easier to hop on the rollers rather than spending half my lunch putting on the layers necessary to combat nature’s fury.  The volume has not been much, but clearly the new team program is breathing some life into this tired body.

Otherwise, the weekend was pretty lax.  Mostly hanging out with the girls including a sweet snowplay session, and a (very) little Christmas shopping.  Sleevie came over for dinner last night.  He showed us some new variations on Scrabble (and you thought you knew everything there is to know about Scrabble!), and  is making the epic journey to visit the Dingmans in Bozoman today.

As referenced in the comments on the post below this one, Billy Demon(g) won the Nordic Combined World Cup over the weekend.  So yeah, he’s kind of a big deal.  For those out of the area, Billy rides bikes to keep fitness and was a Cat. 5 last year, and a 1 this year.  He’s also the guy that got to ride double with Chris Horner at Cascade last summer.  I am proud to say I know this guy!  Congrats again, man!

Here’s a picture I stole off his webpage to prove that I sometimes get to hang out with him, at least during races:



Do I look fat in that picture?


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