Inventory Day

Yeah, no more selling for 2008, so it is a day to practice counting instead.  Talk about a way to make a long day longer.  The rest of the crew is doing the same for half day tomorrow, and I opted to take a vacation day, so I got that going for me.

I am definitely curious how we are going to fit everything in the wagon for the big drive to Long Beach tomorrow.  We are taking Etta, which means we are taking a dog box, which means half our trunk space is already gone.  And then there’s the gifts….whatever, we’ll figure it out.   I am just psyched to get outta here.

In an odd twist, there’s not that much snow here at work (West Jordan), but by my house there’s easily over a foot on the ground.  Usually, it works out the opposite.  I’ll admit the snow does put you in the Christmas spirit, but it’s not so fun for commuting. 

Anyway, back to it.  Merry Christmas, and Channukah, and Kwanzaa if I don’t get around to posting again in the next two days.  Oh yeah, and Festivus.  How could I forget?


8 thoughts on “Inventory Day

  1. I don’t know how many times I can explain this… Mini-vans do not have room. They just don’t. If you actually use the third row, there is no space behind it. At all.
    Granted we don’t need the third row now, but we will soon enough. And no, “soon enough” is not my way saying we’re having another kid. We’re not, at the moment, but we will, eventually.

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