Some video from the New Year’s Day ride:


It was a blast, although it would be nice to see the sun at some point while we’re out here.  It doesn’t take long to turn into a whiny californian, eh?  Anyway, somebody shouted “don’t let Ryan win or he’ll put it on his blog”.  This thin attempt at making fun of me failed (as they always do) translating  to “I read your blog!” in my ears.  Anyway, I got punked like a punk and that made it onto the blog too.

In other news, I got dropped by a certain F. Landis at Fred Park today.  Like a rock.

Como St. could be tough!

Otherwise things have mostly been pretty relaxed.  One more day and we are on the road again.  Getting home it starting to sound pretty nice.  Going back to work less so.


4 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. I’m so jealous. I was noting the prevalence of some serious white leg warmers and arm warmers in the pack. White shoe covers too. So.Cal still thinks white clothing is cool, flairers. White bikes, shoes, and saddles though, thats the good shit.

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