A Reason to Watch Reality TV

No, not “Flavor of Love” this time.  No, not another Gerlach episode on “Intervention” (yet).  Rumor on the street is that local biker, returned missionary, ex-Volksbank pro, and all-around handsome devil Tyson Apostle will be on “Survivor”.  Stay tuned.


I found this picture on Facebook and had to update the post.  This is one well shorn piece of man beef.


9 thoughts on “A Reason to Watch Reality TV

  1. Remember, he’s not above LYING and cheating.

    Please disregard all rumors you might have heard from me. I no longer believe anything about a “trip to Europe to see the team.”

  2. I’m more than slightly concerned for Kelly and the kids since you’re using facebook for its original intent: to stalk people. Except now your using it to stalk “man beef”.

  3. Dude, whatev. For me to not to take notice of his “chiseled abs and stunning features” would be like denying the Gardie is really, really ridiculously good looking.

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