Friday Lite

Yeah, so I had yesterday work free and managed to make a pretty good day of it.  Started out by picking up two weeks worth of dog crap in the backyard, but that really wasn’t the highlight of the day.  Later, we took the girls ice skating.  As per, Kelly has one upped me and has all the photos and what-not.  I pretty much don’t say too much about family stuff anymore because Kelly always does a better job anyway, and most of my readership only cares about bike crap anyway. 

In the late afternoon, I finally got motivated to go ride in the cold, nasty air.  It was supposed to be close to 40, but it was more like 30.  I ended up riding the cross bike up rock canyon in the snow and was surprised at how far up I was able to get.  It was hard.  If you stand up, the rear wheel spins.  If you sit down, keeping in mind I only have a 25, it was a full body workout.  My arms and back are as tired as my legs,  like after the SFGP back in the day.  Off topic, that was the sweetest race ever in the history of the universe and sweetness.  I have an awesome  movie short film that Kelly’s brother made the last time I rode it.  One day I will figure out how to convert it to youtube and post it. 

Oh yeah, so back to the ride.  I was okay going up, but coming down was hysterical as the packed part of the trail got pretty narrow, and once I had some speed it was pretty hard to stay on the packed section.  As soon as the front wheel went off trail, it immediately sunk hub deep and abruptly stopped.  Needless to say, my body did not stop and I would end up doing a run-out into the waste deep snow.  This happened probably 4 times.  Eventually, I got down to where the trail was wider and I could let it go a little more.  It was pretty fun.

Anyway, today has not been all-together that awesome thus far, but I will attempt to increase the awesomeness as the day progresses.  Here’s hoping your day is also filled with an abundance of awesomeness.

8 thoughts on “Friday Lite

  1. Yeah, I am for sure suffering from the winter blues, SAD, or whatever. Unfortunately, I am stuck in the office during daylight hours, and when I do get out for a lunch ride, vitamin d can’t make it through the brown air we are currently enjoying.

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