Julie Says I am Depressed

I do believe there is such thing as Seasonal Anxiety Disorder.  I am not Anxious, nor really SAD at the moment, but winter is a downer, and I do believe never seeing the sun has something to do with it.  Yes, I have an hour at lunch, but the brown air outside our doors at the moment is not bringing me all that much joy, though I do still go out and ride in it. 

For my out of state readers, we have an inversion phenomena in the winter (mostly) here whereby when there’s no storms to blow it out; cold, polluted air gets trapped in the valley.  As you go up in alititude, the air gets cleaner and generally several degrees warmer, so it may be 10 degrees warmer and sunny at the resorts, but cold and nasty in the valley.  I know I just shattered your illusion of Utah being all fresh air and what-not.  Here’s what else- not EVERYONE  is a polygamist here either.  I know, mind blowing.

Anyway, there’s just not a lot going on right now that I can’t exclaim to the world via Facebook status.  I am sure I’ll have more to say when we get racing, and when I have more downtime.  If that ever happens.  In the meantime, whatever.   I’ll probably post like 5X tomorrow just to make this one look stupid.  er.


6 thoughts on “Julie Says I am Depressed

  1. I’m pretty sure I’d take the weather in Utah over Vermont any day. The nice days here sure are nice, but they are ridiculously rare. Sunny days between December 1st and March 15th are NEVER above 20 degrees and most are below 0. Inversions blow out within a couple of weeks, or perhaps at worst, a month. On the other hand, I’ve seen more clouds in the past 18 months than I care to ever see again. I’m about to trade them for fluorescent lights though, and that’s not always the best trade either.

    I can’t remember the last sunny day.

  2. “Spring is only, what, six months away?”

    That’s some cold @$$ S&*T right there, Mr. Barrett.
    (I think I like you when you’re moody)

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