More Back in the Day Stuff

Brian sent me some sweet shots from back when.

This was pretty much my crew before moving away to college.  Pretty tough crowd.


Notice the book “College Survival”.  Seems to have worked.


This picture is just too funny not to include.



13 thoughts on “More Back in the Day Stuff

  1. Awww, NO WAY! Iron Mike and Brian!

    I’m sorry I wasn’t there too… I guess I kinda checked out at the end, there, didn’t I.

    (I blame Brian for it.)

  2. Just so you know, when last we spoke he said, “just so you know, I am only doing this so I can sue Parke for…” I didn’t catch the last bit as I was chewing dorito’s and couldn’t hear over the crunch.

  3. the last bit was probably “…for crunching processed foods instead of listening to what I have to say.”

    But you and I get the last laugh – we have nothing to pay.

  4. But seriously, I really do regret not spending more time with you guys.

    I had my own set of issues I needed to work out, not the least of which was taking care of me mum. Had everything gone as planned, we would have cut a whole “Hairy Grandma” concept album.

    It may not have made a ton of money, but it would definitely be a more respectable fusion of cycling and music than John Friggin’ Tesch.

  5. This dude’s kidding, right? Brian’s legs are thicker than your waist in that picture.

    Actually, I think that’s still true today.

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