On Tap Band Camp with the Fam Bam

Gotta keep it short and sweet as the amount of work for today keep accumulating.  Seriously, it seems like every time I see a boss right now, I am being tasked with something new.  I might just go hide out in the bathroom with my laptop and try to finish what is already on my plate!  May not be time for a lunch ride today, which would be a shame.  The plan is to take the girls swimming tonight, so at least I’ll get my lungs working somehow.  We usually take turns swimming laps while the other plays with the girls; seems to be our new routine. 

Tomorrow we leave for band camp.  Yes, I am taking my family down to St. George to stay in a condo for the weekend with a bunch of dudes.  Always a good time!  The plan is to do 3.5-4.5 hours Friday and Sunday and the big ride to Mesquite and back on Saturday.  I know a lot of teams want to do huge days every day of their camp, but I don’t see the benefit of 8 hour days anymore. 

Oh yeah, if the fellas are reading, just so you know, on the climb back towards Utah on Saturday, last one to the top has to do dishes that night!


9 thoughts on “On Tap Band Camp with the Fam Bam

  1. I seem to recall you getting worked on that climb. I also recall you humping your machine like you were trying to start a rusty lawnmower. Hopefully you can show these youngsters who’s boss. Remember, the climb doesn’t start until after the pain cave…and the state line sprint.

    Oh how I wish I was there with you guys and not in the bowels of the library going over Hematology/Oncology. This makes studying for the MCAT seem like child’s play.

    Have a great weekend. Remember, if the pull start doesn’t work for that overly mass-produced velo of yours you could always pull out the ether.

    (BTW, I’m sorry you have to ride that Cervelo…must be a brutal transition. Glad I don’t ever have to).

  2. I only have to stay ahead of one guy.
    The climb starts when you cross the freeway (like 40k from the top).
    Kinda uncool to talk bad about a sponsor of mine on my blog, buddy, but it does give me a chance to say how wrong you are, and I understand that you are just upset because I am going to go put in the big kilomilehourwatts, while you sit in the library.
    I have put a couple thousand miles on the Cervelo now, and it is frickin’ sweet. It probably has the stiffest bb of any bike I’ve ever owned, which is pretty much what it all comes down to for me.
    It is light… In my huge size and with clinchers, it comes in barely legal, just like your favorite magazine.
    I won’t lie. I really, really love my “other” bike. It is probably the most comfortable all day riding bike I’ll ever have. The new bike is the best race bike I’ve ever had.
    Hate on hater.

  3. who is going to challenge you for the AZ stateline this year? I notice you didnt mention the camp to me until yesterday, probably in a lame attempt to assure yourself that i wouldnt be there to beat you again!

  4. I would love nothing more than a rematch. It’s not my fault you are “too busy” in “Bozeman” “doing stuff” to “make the drive”.

  5. someone’s touchy. I typically get all touchy when I feel as though I have something to prove. Perhaps you do too?? What could it be? I know!! You wanna still be strong in your old age. Let me know how that works out. Them damn whipper snappers get faster every year. Here’s to 35+!!

    Never meant to upset you of course.

    Since the lawnmower comment got a full on paragraph out of you, I’m thinking that some more tongue in cheek comments are necessary in the future.

    I did like the quick wit you showed with the “barely legal” comment. I’m sure you’ve had that one tucked away for a rainy day. Keep ’em comin.

    BTW, feel free to talk smack about my “sponsors”. I’m sure there are just as many problems with my bike, wheels (oh wait, not the wheels…) saddle, shoes, pedals, chain, 11-tooth cog, headset ball bearing.

    Oh, and rememer typing this in March of 2007?:

    Got my new bike. Holy crap!! In stereotypical style, I went out for a hard 4.5 hours for the first ride. Non-typically, I wasn’t sore after because this bike actually fits.

    OOps, that’s right, I just threw the mud back…bring it!

  6. I thought doctor school kept you busy?
    Not too busy to dig up an email from me from from almost two years ago apparently! Anyway, again, I heart that bike. The Seven. Yes, it is a phenomenal bike. I also heart my new bike. How is this hard for you to understand?
    PS- How did the “Specimen Cup” go? Or should I take the lack of updates as no news is bad news?

  7. Oh yeah and “humping your machine like you’re trying to start a rusty lawnmower”…Phil Liggett ain’t got nothin’ on you!

  8. sorry, all my energy for updating my blog went into diggin up a blog entry from 2 years ago. I’ll keep you in suspense a bit longer.

    BTW, my final final exam was today. Now just boards in mid february. Then onto clerkships.

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