Wack Yo

TSOL (Tour de Sol) is cancelled.

Sucks.  On the plus side, I checked the website and saw that before the cancellation what they had planned was a TT, RR, Hillclimb stage race, which is ummm, interesting.

From what I hear San Dumass is already full for Pro-1’s, which pretty much means if I’m going to race in March, it’s going to this Sunday in Vegas and/or Redlands.   It’s nice that I am so decisive and on top of planning this stuff.

EDIT: Someone lied to me… There’s only 80 something guys signed up for San Dimas.


5 thoughts on “Wack Yo

  1. r save myself some embarassment and do none of those, put some miles in, and be ready to rock when the Utah stuff pops off.

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