At Full Capacity

Kelly has a good post on being married to someone (such as me) who races bikes.  Make sure you read the comments too.  It’s always a balance!

On that note, I think I’ll whisk her away to Vegas for the weekend.  Her birthday is tomorrow, after all.  I might do a stage race while we are there and she’ll be left with the kids, but that is pretty romantic, right? 

I suck.


7 thoughts on “At Full Capacity

  1. Balance has never been my strong point. I’ll always be a cyclist, but I suspect that when family life begins, the racing life will end.

  2. My 2 cents:

    Evidently rooms at the Wynn are going for quite a bargain (well less than $200) on priceline this week – just bid on “any 5-star” – the Wynn’s the only 5-star in Vegas.

    Ditto for $100 at Bellagio – just bid on a 4-star. There are only two 4-stars…

    Also, don’t underestimate Treasure Island – the newly renovated rooms are quite nice.

    God I need to stop going to trade shows…

  3. Totally agree w/ you Ryan. That whole place gives me hives.

    And it’s especially punishing in the winter when the weather’s nice and there I am, being w(h)ined and dined up on some building looking out onto the mountains and all I want to do is get the hell out of there and go find those inclines on something with two wheels and pedals.

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