Another Mouth to Feed.

Kelly bought a new puppy.

Hahaha.  Hopefully I got somebody with the title.

We can’t take it home until around the 15th, though.

That is all.


10 thoughts on “Another Mouth to Feed.

  1. A-Bomb, I didn’t know if that was officially out of the bag. I’d hate to be the guy that lets the world know your big news… Congrats, buddy!!

  2. Oh yeah, and Sandy- I really want a son, so we’re just going to keep trying until that happens. I’m sure it won’t take more than 18 kids. Then, we can get our own TV show too!

  3. look at what happened to seth bradley. he was all like “i want a son, let’s try again…” and 5 DAUGHTERS LATER he still hasn’t had his little procedure done.

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