More Chad Gerlach Follow-up

Yeah, yeah, I am still following this “story”.  I understand the argument that he is taking a spot on a pro team from someone who has not made horrible life choices, and yeah, that’s not fair.  Howev, for the most part life is not fair and I am still pulling for the guy.  Mostly just to keep clean.  It’s cool that he is racing bikes again too, but mostly just to prove my theory on the impossibility of quitting bike racing correct.  Keep on keepin’ on.

16 thoughts on “More Chad Gerlach Follow-up

  1. If you ever want to hear about it, I can reiterate the story of when I first me Chad at the Providence Atlantic Cup race (NRC) in 1999 and just how his eyes looked about 5 minutes before the start…

  2. I’m with you on the Chad story, I raced a little with Chad back in the day and I hope he can make it.
    I have a freind here a guy called Mark Spessot who was an awesome rider when I was junior before drug addiction got the better of him, he’s spent time in prison etc etc… but getting back into cycling has been his form of rehabilitation… infact just this week he won the NZ masters points title on the track.
    Good luck Chad! and Turbo please keep the updates coming

  3. excpet he used to wear fuscia and neon clothing, listend to devil music, and ran a brothel somewhere in virginia

  4. HEY!

    Don’t knock the “fuscia and neon”. It was awesome. In the ’80s.
    (And, tommy, it was ALL neon – pink and yellow, thank you very much).

  5. Also, as much as I hate to stay on topic…

    I have just renewed my license and signed up with a team.
    I’m racing again. Damn it.

  6. Sweetness. You are coming back just like Lance Whatshisstrong, except you’ve been out for 15 years and were never good.

  7. No, no, that’s fair…

    Of course, if I had been on the same “regimen” as Whatshisstrong was I would have been bending steel bars with my bare hands too.

    Which brings right back around to being on topic.

  8. The suite of letters in cyclingnews today (some in response to this story) paints an interesting picture of the state of doping in the sport.

    I think its STILL a problem, but that we are starting to see some progress and success stories. On top of that is compounded the mental health/self destructive/addictive issues of the riders themselves.
    (Why else would someone in their 30s still listen to Shelter?)

    In short – regulate with all the penalties you want; we’ll never hit this full-on unless we add a carrot with the stick and start treating the problem with a little god-damned humanity.

    Hey, how’d I get up here on this soapbox?

  9. Uhh, yeah, I thought this post was dead, but I guess this is my punishment for not updating. I pretty much agree.
    Also, Ray “Of Today” Cappo’s got to be in his 40’s, so being in my 30’s (early, early 30’s- there I admitted it!) and still rocking out has got to be okay. “The Purpose, The Passion” is still the soundtrack to my life.

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