Home Alone


Well, not really.  The girls are still asleep, which would be a miracle if only I weren’t already awake.  Such is life.  Anyway, Kelly took Jeff to the airport this morning.  He’s gone back to the LBC for spring break.  I’m fairly jealous as I could use some warmth and bike racing action about right now.  Kelly is also picking up our new puppy on the way home, so that should be good.


That’s actually Etta when she was a puppy, but they look pretty much identical being half sisters or some such.

In other news, I have my 3rd cold in like a month.  I’ll blame the kids.

The opening TT at Paris-Nice floored me.  Some things never change.  Otherwise, it’s been pretty entertaining.  Really ready to get my own game on.  I guess I said that already.  My plan was to do my own stage race this weekend.  Easier to win that way.  I’ll have to see how much lung butter I can churn before this afternoon.

What else?  Another crazy week.  Feel blessed to be gainfully employed given the state of the states, and yet… I’ll always find something to whine about.  It’s nice to have today off.  Fa sho.


5 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. Thanks, mang. Of course, odds are I won’t because I will look at this weekend as the only time I have to get some decent riding in and will ride myself into the ground. I am the Nostradumbass of my own stupidity.

  2. headed for a 70 hour week. No biggy unless you consider the 4:30 arrival for pre-rounds. Wish I had a day off, too, cause the we could do coffee, complete with CoffeeMate. Thankfully, not on call this weekend. This is surely taking some getting used to.

    Enjoy the puppy, cold, day off and self imposed stage race this weekend. I’ll be thinking of you as I hit my longest ride of the year so far at 75 minutes….

  3. Ryan your blog has reached super stardom! When you type in Ryan Turbo Barrett into the google search, it comes up on the list of most popular searches. Congrats man!

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