Check Out the new VeloNews

Generally speaking all the bike news you need is available right here, but VeloNews actually managed to impress me with a pretty good article on current Utah resident and Cole Sport (oh yeah, and ex US Postal, Festina, Mercury, Rock and probably a gazillion other teams) rider David Clinger, followed by a short story on Chad Gerlach.  A lot of similarities in the stories of these two big talents, their downfalls, and their path to getting life back on track.  I wish ’em both luck.

Oh yeah, and one of my favorite tidbits of the Clinger article is where he says he is still Mormon, but doesn’t feel comfortable going to church with his face tatooed.  My feeling (which I realize is worth less than nothing on this topic) is that if you believe in the church, you should still go.  Yes, you will get some weird looks, but I’m certain that is nothing new at this point!

In other news, I have been getting my ass kicked at work.  And I finally slept mostly through the night without a major coughing fit.

Kelly’s mom sent a super fun activity for the girls for St. Patricks’s Day.  See Kelly’s blog for details, but we were blessed with super weather that let the girls run around bare foot and play the game.  Coupled with the nice long days, it’s actually light when I get home, and things are looking up.  I guess I’ll have to mow the lawn before we know it, but that’s a small price to pay.

Oh yeah, and Morga-muffin started potty training yesterday and is coming through like a champ thus far.  Not a single “accident” on day one.  Hallelujah!

Alright, I guess I better get on with it.


6 thoughts on “Check Out the new VeloNews

  1. Kelly wanted me to let you know that comment made her lose it, and she has a sticker to put on your potty chart. Congrats!

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