The Suck

So, I’m sure I am late in discovering this, but Tour of the Depot ends on Easter Sunday.  Now, if it was a crit in the afternoon, I could probably swing that, but it’s not.  It’s a 100 mile road race early in the morning.  Sorry, kids win.  Apparently, there’s a Saturday only option, which I’ll probably jump on, but it’s kinda not awesome to start a stage race knowing you can’t compete in the overall.  Aargh.  How is it that we live in a state where 80% of the races are on Saturdays and one of the few Sunday races falls on Easter?

Anyway, please don’t misinterpret.  I thank the promoters for having an event.  It just doesn’t fit well into my schedule, and apparently I didn’t push the memo about the world revolving around me hard enough.


4 thoughts on “The Suck

  1. I feel for the promoters. They’re given a set weekend for their race because the calendar is pretty packed.

    I think it’s awesome they put on such a great event and also awesome they found a way to try and appease the local ‘uniqueness’ with the Saturday-only option which I might do as well.

    What gets me is the Tax Day race decided to cancel late. Too late for Tour Depot to jump into that slot on the calendar. Then we all might have been happy — except those who really really dig racing in Inkom.

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