What Not to Say to a Person with an Ego Problem

 Stolen from the CBR blog:

I’m a huge fan of people fixing their own problems, especially grown f*cking men who pay taxes and vote. I don’t have time to listen to men complain and then subsequently listen to men explain. The way a racer beats another racer is the way Ryan Barrett and Jamie Paolinetti do it….ride at 34mph until the racer can’t even draft and then the racer drops their wheel. Crappy/douchebag racers hook wheels, brake check, bumps bars with lesser experienced racers, and take drafting riders into cones/barricades/curbs. The better rider just rides them off their wheel with brute strength & speed…strange concept, huh?

For every one Ryan there are three dozen non-Ryans: it sux, but that’s just the way it is these days-more negative racing than positive racing & sportsmanship is out the window. I will do what I can to keep this corner of the world clean, and for the most part, the race at Velo Allegro ran great and without a hitch.

I don’t think Chris reads the blog, but thanks for the ego pump all the same!


17 thoughts on “What Not to Say to a Person with an Ego Problem

  1. Ride behind me and I’ll show you!
    Nah, you know if someone won’t pull through, maybe you just check and see if their brakes work. By slamming yours so they ride into the back of you. Not recommending, just explaining.

  2. when do you ride 34 miles an hour? is that when you are going downhill? AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH…I can’t hold Ryan’s wheel! He is the king of the universe! Intergalactic King of the Mountains!

  3. You mean the part about downhill and with a tailwind? Yeah, that was a joke. I wouldn’t think the AZ State Line Champion of the World would have to ask.

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