Let the War of Words Begin

Not really.

The “Utah Cycling Tabloid” is out for the week.  Apparently, there is a rumor that this is my doing.  This is not the case.  Although it would have been pretty sneaky to make a fake post here announcing the site, and throw everyone off the trail by saying how weak the “tabloid” is, that’s not the way it shook down.

I can also see how you would think it is me, given that they are constantly stealing my material.  Not that I have copyrights to jokes on how good looking Gardie is, Ms. I-da-ho, or especially Boonen’s coke habit, but you know, I already do that here, so why would I start a site to do the same thing?

Also, if you have noticed I tend to bone out as soon as a race is finished, so I would never have the dirt on any of the other categories. 

So long story short, if I were going to do a site such as theirs, it would be much more funny, but I won’t because I hate anonymousness.  Plus I am too nice a guy to really make fun of people I don’t know that well.  I am sensitive like that.

Keep it up all the same.  Gives me something to talk about here.



The Krieg WINS Stage One at Cat. 2 Tour of the Gila.

Probably time to upgrade, Mr.!

He went away with Ben about 40 miles out and dropped him on the last climb.  Ben was wrecked and ended up 10th.  Dustin was 4th. 

No word on the pros yet.

Post Something

Since basically every blog in the blogiverse seems to be dying off, I am going to fight to keep this here going.

Bye, bye Rebellin.  So long Schumacher.  I wonder if he’ll keep protesting his innocence.  At some point, you really gotta question the intelligence of these guys.  Kloeden could be on the way out too.  Are they ever going to make a decision on Valverde? 

Anyway, that’s enough hating.  I’ve not been one to defend them, but I am glad that Asstana Mellow Johnny’s got into the Gila.  For BMC not to be able to put a team in makes no sense.  You know they’re bike racers, they should be able to race bikes.

Antelope Island on tap for me this weekend.  I’ve had pretty good luck the last couple times out there, but we’ll see how the change in course and my fitness play out. 

If anyone didn’t hear, Chase won Emmet-Roubaix on Sunday.  Kristin Armstrong was 2nd.  In the men’s race.  That’s hot.

In unbike news, my girls seem to be getting over their colds finally.  Kelly and Jeff have been struck down, however.  We’ll see if my immune system can overcome the odds and keep me upright.  I’ve been napping between 8 and 9 o’clock everynight and going to bed an hour or two later, so that’s gotta help, right? 

On that note, the Jeff will be going back for summertime in the LBC on Friday.  I’ll miss having another guy around.  It’s nice having someone who enjoys crude humor as much as I do in the house.

I never mentioned anything, but last Friday Kelly’s sister-in-law had their baby. I had Friday off from work, so I watched the girls and Kelly spent the day in the hospital with them.  I was bummed to miss the CA trip, but really the timing worked out to perfection.  Good job, kid.

Good luck to all the homeboys racing Gila (or anywhere else) this week.

A Rough One

Flatted out of a two up break with Sohmy, which I initiated out of the parking lot as per.  Just about got back on to the field and Chase double flatted.  We lost a couple minutes there, but got back again with Eric’s help. 

I was pretty much shot and went easy up the climb on the way back.  Chase ended up 3rd, with Ben 6th and Sleevie 7th.  Not so bad, especially considering our luck, although we weren’t the only ones to suffer flats.

Snow on the ground when we started after a week in the 80’s…

And that’s the short version of yEast infection Canyon.

Time for Some R&R

Or not.

I think anyone who’s been racing bikes for awhile has been on a team where the sponsor pulled out part way through the year at least once.  Or twice.  Or 10X.

But the Rock Racing thing is pretty over the top.  Nice that he keeps all the euro dopers on board.

Interesting interview with Creed here.

I am amazed that in the days following being fired for nothing, he has the whereabout and clarity to make this statement:

Creed Yeah, but you know the thing is too, I have to accept some blame. I have to accept that all the warning signs were there. And I have to accept, even more so than some other guys that got fired recently, because I was already on the team for a year. And I saw all the warning signs from last year, and I still willfully ignored them. Why? Because Rock was offering quite a bit more money than anyone else would, and I knew that. So while the agreement was broken between me and the team, I share some blame because you’re only as good as the person you go into business with. Just because a crazy guy offers you a crazy good deal doesn’t mean it’s not going to fall through. Just because there’s a piece of paper doesn’t mean it’s not going to fall through. So while I’d love to throw my hands up and play complete victim, I can’t.

I hope he and the other fellas find a way to keep racing, if that’s what they want to do.

Sicky Sickness

So, our little Morga-Muffin woke up with a 102 degree fever last night.  Haley had the same deal last weekend, so hopefully it’s gone quickly too.  Kelly opted to stay home with Morg and we made Jeff (Kelly’s brother who is staying with us and going to UVU- try to keep up) teach nursery at church with me.  As it was spring break week, there were only two kids, so we could play a man-to-man defense and it was really easy.

I thought the Morg was over it, but as I was talking to my sister on the phone a minute ago, she went and fell asleep on the couch.  Morgan, not my sister.  That’s a dead give-a-way that she’s not full-strength as my kids don’t nap unless they are in the trailer, which hopefully they will be shortly.

The Jeff and I had a sweet ride yesterday.  Sundance side of Alpine Loop up to the snow at Aspen Grove and then Squaw Peak, almost to the top there.  I think there won’t be any snow snow on Squaw by the end of the week given the forecast, which is pretty unreal.  70 today and 80 later in the week.  Yes!

I am getting pretty geeky about the whole Powermeter thing.  I gotta say having a number to shoot for on the climbs was pretty useful.

Anyway, back to Sunday.  Peace out.

No California Trip

Well, I was really looking forward to a bit of vacay- Dana Point GP, eldo, foodie, maybe surfing and general downtime with the fambam, but you know it just didn’t work out timing wise this time.  Sigh.

On the plus side, this means I will get to do Yeast Canyon-aka the hardest race in the world (to get registered for)- with the dream team. 

In other news, we got nailed yesterday.  Probably 6″ of snow in our yard, which is rare, even in January.  The nice thing this time of year is it was gone by the afternoon, and it’s supposed to be 70’s from the weekend through the extended forecast, which I am down with.  Who knows, maybe sprinter is over, and spring has really sprung.

In other CA trip news, I am glad to not be at Sea Otter for the first time in a few years.

P.S.- In case anyone hasn’t noticed, believetyler.org is gone.