Haley’s 1st Ski Day

As usual, Kelly trumped me and has more photos and a better story.  I know some of  you won’t click thru and wanted proof that I actually do stuff with my family as sometime I think my blog is little cycling-centric, which I guess make sense given the name.  Anyway, the point is… whatever. 

On the tow rope… It’s a pretty big hill, but I overcame my fear.  That’s Haleybird up ahead of me.  She did okay too.


Kelly and Morga-Muffin came along for moral support.  Here they are on the shuttle.  Morgan smiles like this everytime a camera comes around.


Renting skis.  Someone gifted us lift passes in line.  Whoever  you are, thanks a mill! 


Umm, yeah, here we are.


Haley and I on the shuttle.



6 thoughts on “Haley’s 1st Ski Day

  1. God they are cute.

    Must get that from Kelly.

    I will take this as proof that the good lord does lend a benevolent guiding hand to genetics and family inheritance. But secretly I’ll hope it was the mailman, just to hedge my bets.

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