Craptain’s Log.  Star date 4/9/09.

More rain in the valley, snow in the mountains.  I think even the ski/snowboarding crowd is kinda over it at this point.

In other news, my out-laws (aka Kelly’s folks) are in town, but I hardly get to see them as I am working for the man all day, and pretty much shot by the time I get home.  I seriously fell asleep on the couch before 8:30 last night.  It worked out, though as I woke up to eat ice cream and watch an hour of so of “Top 100 One Hit Wonders” before calling it.  Anyway, it’s unfortunate the outlaws can’t stay through the weekend.

On tap for the weekend is Tour of the Depot.  Or, in my case, 2 of 3 stages of tour of the depot.  I am pretty amped about racing, but tactically it’s going to be hard to know what to do, knowing I won’t ride the last stage.  I hate to leave the guys hanging like that.  On the other hand, I am pretty psyched about Easter with the girls.  They are at an age where they “get” holidays, maybe not from a religious perspective, but at least from a “knowledge that a lot of candy is coming” perspective, so that’s fun.

Rode the P3 in a gale for yesterday’s lunch.  I don’t feel like I’ve got it dialed at all.  There’s no denying it’s sweetness, but I need some time on it.  I think I need a shorter and radically negative stem.  I could get a good bit lower, I reckon.  Oh yeah, and I forgot my helmet at home, so I was all Johnny Euro. 

Anyway, here’s to spring!


3 thoughts on “Meh.

  1. “More rain in the valley, snow in the mountains. I think even the ski/snowboarding crowd is kinda over it at this point.”

    Kinda talking out of your rear with that quote!

  2. Of course, those of your dedication level are excluded from that statement. But I would say that a fair number of folk’s fancy has turned to pedalling.

  3. My bikes are all sitting with flats in the basement. That would not have been the case when I was still trying to be “pro”. One day I was tired of missing the powder days and my cycling became more seasonal. Good luck with your races this year.

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