Tour De Pot

Oh wait, that’s what my brother has been on for the last 20 years or so.

The race was actually called Tour of the Depot, but I think 3 Stages of DePot would give it a more traditional european flavor.  So avoid that at all costs.

Anyway, knowing that I wouldn’t be doing the last stage, I didn’t have much motivation to TT well.  It was a good dry hump, I mean, dry run to test the TT bike though, and now I think I know what I need to do to get it set up for next time.  Defending champ, the Sam Krieg won by one second in front of our man, Chase Pinkham, with Ben D’Over D’Hulst in striking distance in 6th.

The circuit race was okay.  I was kind of at a loss for tactics for myself what with not racing the Sunday stage.  Ultimately, a team from Colorado with a whole bunch of guys kept it together.  I don’t really know why as they were 3rd on G.C. and didn’t make up any ground that way.  I am not trying to step if any of them read this.  You are welcome to race in whatever manner you find appropriate.  I am just glad you were willing to make the big drive.  Anyway, it was a pretty negative race.  The former faceless ghost got away solo and won.  With two to go, our guys Dustin and Ben made a sweet move to try and get across to him, but the Krieg sensed the danger and had to drag the field up to them.  The sprint is on a 45 mph downhill, which seems kinda dumb, but whatever.  Maybe next time put a 55 tooth chainring on.

Sunday, I had a super sweet Easter morning with the girls, plus church.  I started going a little stir crazy in the afternoon though, but we had an easter egg hunt and then watched Paris-Roubaix before a big easter dinner, which was awesome.  We finally ate the 90 lb ham work gifted me for Christmas, so lots of room in the freezer now.  The downside being that ham, while great, is going to be our meal of choice for the next year or so.

Anyway, the rest of the race I got the play-by-play from Sleevie and I couldn’t hear too well as the girls were yelling in my other ear.  From the sound of it, Monavie Cannondale pro mountain bike team manager Oh-ran and Kai Applequist from Bob’s got away in the 90 mile road race and stayed away.  Again, this is all 2nd hand, but apparently the field went into MS 150 mode, and Applequist got enough time and bonuses to win the G.C.  I don’t know the guy, but good on him.  Who dares wins. 

Chase wound up 3rd on G.C. and Ben was 7th, tied with the most beautiful man in the world, Gardie Jackson. 

No racing in Utah this weekend, and then I think I am going to go to CA for the Dana Point GP the following weekend.  Oh yeah- Kelly we’re going to CA.


2 thoughts on “Tour De Pot

  1. Your ears don’t deceive you… unless you have some kind of crazy computer from the future that reads blogs aloud to you.
    Your eyes may decieve you, but I doubt it.
    The magic 8 balls says “signs point to yes”.
    That is all.

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