No California Trip

Well, I was really looking forward to a bit of vacay- Dana Point GP, eldo, foodie, maybe surfing and general downtime with the fambam, but you know it just didn’t work out timing wise this time.  Sigh.

On the plus side, this means I will get to do Yeast Canyon-aka the hardest race in the world (to get registered for)- with the dream team. 

In other news, we got nailed yesterday.  Probably 6″ of snow in our yard, which is rare, even in January.  The nice thing this time of year is it was gone by the afternoon, and it’s supposed to be 70’s from the weekend through the extended forecast, which I am down with.  Who knows, maybe sprinter is over, and spring has really sprung.

In other CA trip news, I am glad to not be at Sea Otter for the first time in a few years.

P.S.- In case anyone hasn’t noticed, is gone.



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