Track Sprinter vs. Road Sprinters…

For anyone who has yet to see it, just skip ahead to 3:40.

Bos didn’t get in trouble with the race jury as they said they were unable to tell if it was intentional?!


4 thoughts on “Track Sprinter vs. Road Sprinters…

  1. Here’s my take:

    There is a difference between a push and a grab. Bos says he pushed, but it is obvious since he pulled Impey down that it was actually a grab.

    The barriers were weaving all over the place and Bos was at first trying to make some space between himself and Impey. But then he ran out of room and went into the barriers. This is where his “push” is shown to actually be a grab, as he had a fistful of jersey and yanked Impey down.

    As a sprinter I see pushes as fair game when setting up for a sprint: I’ve received and I’ve given them. But grabs mean only one thing: You are pulling the person back to overtake him. I’ve received these before but never give one because I see them as being over the line.

    So in my opinion Bos should be sanctioned because it was a grab. My $0.02.

  2. I was gonna say, I guess that’s why I am “a guy who can sprint” and not “a sprinter”. Just like driver’e ed- Two hands on the wheel (or handlebar) at all times!

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